Concept Systems Technologies offers full audio, video and lighting design, development, and installation services. We work more like strategy consultant who adds functionality to the AV solutions for our customers rather than just an installer or a simple one-off project. We understand the need for customisation and flexibility, and to understand the organisation's processes and functions to ensure the AV solution truly meets the need or goes beyond the expectations of our customer.

As authorized AV distributor for major and specialty brands, Concept Systems Technologies helps you elevate your AV system solution.

  • Design

    Our highly qualified professional AV specialist team will always ensure the utmost standards of design quality. We actively seek to engage the latest technologies in our design for the AV solutions. Our system design service encompasses:

    • Providing design simulation of systems

    • Development of schematic design

    • Developing the technical aspects of materials and building systems to allow the client to understand how the AV project will function.

    • Presentation of proposed AV solution(s), preliminary drawings, equipment layout, critical coordination clearance, mechanical and acoustical specifications and visual impacts

  • Develop

    Our dedicated team of AV specialist exhibits the propensity to customise each project based on the needs of our customers. A project is not limited to the choice of hardware to be used but is based on the synergy between different components that often do not interact with each other. Our team is therefore dedicated to constantly develop integrated AV solutions to improve the working environment and manage it through a single management platform. Our processes to develop include:

    • Coordination of Audio Visual installation activities with all parties

    • Integration of our Audio Visual Solutions with other systems

    • Production and submission of all technical drawings and software simulation on system designs

    • Producing installation methods statements and professional engineering (PE) endorsement with certifications

    • Conducting full component and system testing

  • Deliver

    We recognise the need for the AV system to be delivered on-time and correctly, to that end we embrace a determination mindset with critical troubleshooting skills to deliver to your satisfaction. You can find the following steps in our delivery service:

    • Calibration and fine tuning of the solutions

    • Providing end-user with professional training

    • Commissioning and handing over of the project

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